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Buy genuine Chinese mobile phones directly from their official online shops to guarantee you get the genuines with original manufactures' warranty.

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What Buyers Say

Fabio on 2/6/2017

Producted arrived very well packed with extra content (silicon case, screen protection). Initially the phone presented some issues during the initial setup, but the seller gave all required instructions with precise accuracy. Now product is already configured and working as expected.

REYNALDO on 12/26/2016

An amazing phone, blows the mainstream brands away, keep a close eye Huawei is going to plow into the market hard...Stop leasing from carriers and getting ripped off, buy outright from a quality company, cut the chain of phone debt...

Aditya on 12/19/2016

Outstanding seller!!! (Best seller) Excellent packaging. Everything was packed so well and I am so glad to see protective case and the S-view cover. Awesome communication. Seller answered all my questions before purchase so promptly and politely. I am extremely happy with the purchase and will definitely buy from this seller again in near future. My phone is so beautiful!!. Exploring my phone now.

Adriana on 12/9/2016

I received a very detailed email from the seller right after the item was shipped and after it was delivered, which I liked very much. I have no complaints from the seller. dealgoogol delivered as promised. I would definitely buy from this seller again. The only thing I do want to mention is that DHL did not deliver my package properly. I found the package a few doors down from my house.

Brian on 12/6/2016

I just received my new phone. It came a day early, which is always a plus. Also, I was amazed at all the free accessories your business included. The little Christmas card was a nice touch too. :) All this to say that over the last two weeks I have ordered four phones, the last one being the one you sent me. The first three were purchased from venders here in the U.S., through various online retailers such as,, and All three of these companies have pretty good reviews. However, the previous three phones I received, which were listed as brand new, all came either refurbished or clearly had been used previously and were broken in some manner. I was able to recoup all of my funds which was a blessing, but I was disgusted with how many individuals out there are willing to lie and cheat someone just to make a little bit of money. In the end it causes more problems for them and me, but you came through fabulously!!! Thank you SO much for being a trustworthy merchant and going above and beyond in your communication, shipping updates, and the extra gifts you included, but didn't have to! I have no doubt your business will thrive with this continued approach and I for one will look to you for future purchases should the need arise. Have a blessed holiday season and a Merry Christmas!

Mervin on 11/10/2016

dealgoogol... Absolutely incredible seller. I placed the order Sunday night and received it Wednesday. Great packaging. Two 9H glass screen protectors and a clear case. Now about the phablet. It's not for people with small hands. This phone is huge. Incredible screen lightning fast and just plain works. Installed all apps from PLAYSTORE.

Stacey on 11/4/2016

Thank you so much dealgoogol! Order came in fast from overseas, got here in just 7 days. Was packaged well, and i definatly appreciated the extra touches, such as the extra case and the 2 tempered glass screen protectors! Also having Google play store pre installed and English already set up was very helpful. Very happy with this phone, thank you so much!!

Karen on 10/7/2016

Seller was very responsive to my emails with questions regarding the cell phone. They even included in the package a protective back cover and screen protectors. It was would have been delivered 2 days ago if it wasn't for Hurricane Mathew. I just opened the box...time to play.

Kemal on 9/21/2016

Item came within 4 days from Hong Kong to US to Canada. Supplier also included 2 screen protectors (in case the first one wasn't applied properly) and a rubber phone case. It came with a lot of excess packaging and was difficult to open, but better that than the phone breaks. Supplier exceeds all wildest expectations. If I could, I'd rate 6/5.

Basu on 9/13/2016

Minor hiccup with despatch was mitigated by exemplary communication by you. I am pleased with my purchase and the service provided by dealgoogol and 'You'. I am left with no room to moan. Keep up the good work. Your wonderful customer service is sure to add more successes to the business and win many more folks like me.

Lev on 9/8/2016

Thank you for your best provided service. High professionalism in every aspect.Your company should give an example for conducting business globally. My appreciation for well done job!

Carlos on 8/12/2016

Best extreme super fast shipping, very recommend seller, respond faster and original items with gifts thanks for your time to respond my questions about this item. 100 % recommend. Definitely buy other things with this 5star seller. Thanks again.

Dharmesh on 8/8/2016

I do not write a lot of reviews, but I was so impressed by this seller dealgoogol, I had to take the time out to do it. I promptly received the phone and they threw in a free case for me as well. The phone I received did not have a microSD slot, which I really need for the pictures I take for work. So the seller promptly replaced it with another version of the phone which had the microSD slot.

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